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Because you have identified an issue limiting the effectiveness of  team relationships that plagues your group and shows up as difficult employees, lackluster achievements and frustrated managers.  Perhaps you dream of finding someone with the proven experience to draw out, speak to and overcome the unique nuances of the situation.  

I can do that.

Who and What?

I speak to mid level managers, sales professionals, customer service reps, various associations and women's groups.  As recommended by high impact advisor, Earl Ameen, I always focus on the person in the position.

I have two types of talks: Thought Leadership and Skills Based.  Find details in the section below.

Where and How Much?

From hotels and conference centers, to company training and board rooms, to restaurants – I’ve spoken at a variety of locations and always find a way to make it work!  

Costs vary depending on availability,  travel, package components and depth of customization.

Sample Speaking Topics

Flipping Corporate Training on Its Head

Days of classroom training and hours of eLearning are archaic forms of corporate torture.  Multi-generational needs can be overwhelming. Time to change!

How the Internet Created Employee Engagement

Are you confused or frustrated by the concept of Employee Engagement?  Ever wonder why it feels like you have to hold every employee's hand?  Understanding the evolution may ease your mind. 

The Fallacy of Diversity & Inclusion

From thought leader Earl Ameen, we'll explore how race relations, gender inequality, and general tip toe-ing around all the things that make us different don't actually make a difference.  There's a better way.

Sustainable Leadership with Four Questions

Managing people is harder than it looks.  Discover the four questions that take the weight off your shoulders and properly empower your direct reports.

Stop Doubting & Start Deciding with the Matrix

Tame the voices and harness your power to take action with simple tools that will eliminate indecision and get you moving forward faster.

Shed the Should's to Unleash Your Productivity

Find freedom and productivity after learning to challenge the traditional expectations to find your why.

Shedding the Should's to Own Your Choices

To get a sense of speaking personality, enjoy this quick 2:30 minute snippet of a talk delivered in 2018.