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What Matters Most

Are You Struggling With Any of These?

Employee Engagement reveals who's may be leaving, who's staying and who you should consider as a future leader.  We have an easy method for monitoring Employee Engagement.

Managers now have to contend with learning how to understand and motivate Multiple Generations, on top of everything else they're responsible for.  It takes time and often falls to the bottom of their list, yet with Millennials now being the largest generation in the workplace - it must be addressed.  Our solution naturally addresses this need, removing the burden while ensuring all generations needs are met.

Annual Performance Reviews have been eliminated by giants like Accenture and GE, though some are experiencing declines in employee performance that some credit to total lack of feedback.  [read more here]  Our method provides useful insight specific to individuals as well as teams.

Every company has it's own business-centric KPIs that helps it to monitor the health of the business, but very few are able to connect the impact of Learning & Development to said KPIs.  The data our process provides can overlay any KPI to provide a more robust story.


What challenges do you have? What data do you need?

Solution Overview

Finally! A New Approach for the 21st Century

BeyondTen (B10) is a learning and development company that is using technology to turn traditional training on it's head while providing extensive benefits to business owners and executives, their team members and their customers!

In the 21st century, the vast majority of employees are saying their #1 reason for accepting a job is the potential they see in growth.  AND - their #1 reason for leaving a company is due to a poor relationship (either with their manager or peers).

In short, by using a proprietary software and process, BeyondTen:

  • Empowers leaders to create better connections with team members
  • Creates a safe environment for team members of different generations to learn from each other
  • Utilizes an online accountability mentor to encourage micro-behavior changes
  • Can track each individuals' commitments after an event (be that a town hall introducing a new strategic initiative or a training event of their own accord)
  • Measure the ROI of any learning event

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