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A Note From Sara

Hi, howdy, hey there!

I'm delighted you stopped by to get a sense of who I am before reaching out (smart move).  This page should paint a good page of what I've done, the journey I've been on and how I can help you.  However, if my enthusiasm got away with me and you're left with questions - then there's an easy fix...just reach out and ask.  For now, let's start with the short story...

My career began in the financial sector, where I excelled as an individual contributor de jour, a sales coach with 17 locations and roughly 120 sales people, an unexpected corporate university project manager when a Fortune 100 company wasn't succeeding on a major global initiative, and a line of business training consultant.

After 14 years, I left to tackle life on my own terms  with unlimited possibilities - I found myself still drawn to the realm of human performance and adult learning methodology.  So I made the shift to start my own business and become a contractor for hire.  I've operated in a number of roles for clients ever since, based on their training needs.  From Fortune 200 companies to national non-profits and local organizations - I've expanded my experience to include industries in tech, real estate, publishing, community service, health, recruiting as well as oil and gas.

No matter what the topic is, I love digging into the humanistic challenges that we all face in order to rise above and break through complacency by re-engaging our power, passion and peace.

I believe that people who love what they do are best suited to not only experience success for themselves and their organizations, but also to make a difference in this world in the process.  My mission is to help conscientious companies support their employees - who in turn will support clients, the bottom line and ultimately the communities they operate in. 

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you or your organization overcome the sometimes nebulous challenges that lurk within leadership and communication, look no further! 

Below you will find links to the solutions I provide,  testimonials from clients and even more information on me if you're so inclined.  Also, you can find a video or two on the Talks tab.

Short Talks

speaking; motivational speaker; inspirational speaker

Interactive and inspirational talks tap into the heart of the matter at hand.  From team meetings to leadership retreats to event keynotes - there are lots of ways to plug in and help. 

Training Workshops

corporate training; employee training; leadership training

Programs focus on leadership, coaching, communication styles, teamwork, and navigating change.  Delivery methods range from in person to web to phone.

Tracking Change

Actionable; training solutions; Beyond Ten; Gobeyondten

Making training accessible to businesses of all sizes: one solution  focused on DIY facilitation of key topics...while the other tracks personal accountability.

Donna M. @ Monster

I learned so much from you these past couple of week during your presentations in Weston!  Despite feeling “under the weather” at the beginning -  you are a PRO!  

You kept your energy going, giving people  what they need to be successful next week.

You heard questions and answers and naturally interjected/incorporated them into your presentation at the appropriate places.  WOW!  No one would have guessed you didn’t work at Monster.  And, you made it fun!  

Mark Q. @ IngersollRand

I really enjoyed Sara's teaching.  As Tony Robbins would say, she had great strategy, story and state, which made all the difference in making this class a huge success!

This training was extremely well done - it was the most informative training that I have ever been to at Trane.  I know putting a class together like this is not an easy thing to do, but I really do appreciate the work of getting this right, so thank you!

Andora G. @ RepeatIT

Sara, I had NO doubt, not even a little that you would be amazing. 

I'll send out the survey results soon, but  did want to pass this note right away....

Sara, you were awesome! Your energy and humor made this training much better than most I've attended that were boring because of talking heads! I know we had limited time but I'd love to chat with you by phone if you have time about a few specific issues I'm facing that I'd love your insight on. If that's a possibility please let me know! 

More About Sara

Background and Highlights

So much to little time...

  • 4 high schools in 3 states
  • 15 year corporate career
  • 2 divorces 
  • 1 Hurricane Katrina
  • 2.5 year RV trip across USA
  • 5 continents and counting
  • Countless business lessons
  • 1 husband & 2 yorkies

As such, it is easy for me to relate to darn near see past their perceived limitations and speak truth to their hearts.  I use my experience, my success and certainly my failures to lead by example the need to get real in order to get results.  

I take pride in creating a safe, non-judgmental space.  That, combined with my self deprecating sense of humor, creates just the right amount of levity while taking audiences on a deeper dive into what's been holding them back from achieving your objectives.

Master Facilitator / Trainer

I started in the field of adult learning in 2001 when my favorite manager (still to this day!) opted to hire on attitude, not skill.

With an insatiable appetite, I studied the methodologies of creating the right environment, content and approach when it came to creating training programs. Yet, it took me years to understand the complex nuances of change management and human psychology before I developed into what is now considered a unicorn in the field - a master instructional designer and facilitator. 

With 20+ years and a list of Fortune 200 clients under my belt, I am keenly aware of the need to make any talk or workshop relevant to the organizations' objectives.  However, training for the sake of training simply won't cut it anymore.  

I think that boring keynote speakers and 3-day long classes are an archaic form of corporate torture that I refuse to participate in.

Which is why I co-founded an L&D Tech company that offers a process that empowers and tracks the continuous micro-behavioral changes of individuals.  Finally - a solution that addresses the gap I've seen organizations struggle with for years - getting a clear ROI from a training initiative!  Unless you own the company yourself and have no one to report to (like a board of directors), then this will make your job of internally selling the training efforts you're working on about a million times easier!


I hope by now you've figured out that I love speaking to groups!  Whether it's a monthly meeting, an annual event or a leadership retreat -  I'd be happy to discuss how my expertise and interests may line up with your needs.   

About Sara's Experience

Certifications and Affiliations

Sara currently serves as the President-Elect for the National Speaker Association-Austin chapter.  She has maintained her NSA Professional Membership for years and is honored to step into the space of leading fellow and aspiring speakers to achieve their goals.  She  also served as the President of the Corpus Christi NAPW chapter (National Association of Professional Women) before moving to Austin.

Sara was certified as a Trainer & Instructional Designer by ASTD (now the Association for Talent and Development).  She was also Master Certified in DISC (a leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication) for a financial institution.  Sara also received her IP trainer certification by TUT, an internationally recognized organization.

Areas of Expertise

  • Program Design & Facilitation
  • Team & Personal Leadership
  • Coaching for Managers
  • Behavioral Communication
  • Better Conversations
  • Team Dynamics / Building
  • Change Management
  • Sales Management
  • Social Selling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Courage, Resilience, etc.


About Intra Satta, Inc.

Intra Satta, Inc. (which means peace within and is reflective of Sara's personal values) was founded to support multiple verticals of her business.  She owns and operates the company as it's CEO with the support of trusted advisors, a virtual team, and personally vetted training professionals on a contract basis.  Beyond Ten is a subsidiary of Intra Satta Inc., where Sara is both a managing partner and the Chief Operating Officer.